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Saturday, November 2, 2013

BBB Exclusive: LA Politicians Also Benefited From Controversial Donors

All of the political world is atwitter about the FBI's investigation of State Senator Ron Calderon, specifically the affidavit leaked to Al Jazeera America which discusses the alleged wrongdoings by the Senator.

The affidavit covers two subjects, the first being the sting operation by the FBI related to an Argo like film company.

The second subject of the FBI affidavit are the relationships and campaign contributions by people connected to Pacific Hospital in Long Beach.  Today, Jeremy White of the Sacramento Bee Newspaper penned an excellent article on the subject.

Per White's article, "The [recently leaked FBI] affidavit alleges that Drobot was instrumental in helping Pacific Long Beach Hospital reap workers’ compensation payments by conspiring to “pay illegal kickbacks (or bribes).”

An investigation by the Burbank Blog has revealed that other politicians from the Los Angeles area also received campaign contributions from Pacific Hospital or people with ties to Pacific Hospital.

Among those receiving Pacific Hospital connected campaign funds:

Bonnie Lowenthal, who public records allege received apparently three different contributions related to Pacific Hospital.  Aside from the Calderons, Lowenthal received the most alleged Pacific Hospital related contributions that BBB could find from searching public records.

Anthony Portantino, who public records allege received two or four different contributions from a Pacific Hospital tied donor.  The occupation of this donor to Portantino is listed on some contributions as a "homemaker" and some as an in house attorney at Pacific Hospital.  The only other contributions listed from this contributor ever, are to former Assemblyman Tom Calderon, an apparent target of the FBI's investigation.

Rocky Delgadillo, who received some funds from a physician employed at Pacific Hospital, but not someone who had ever given to the Calderons.

It would probably be wise for these politicians to give these contributions back, since according to the allegations that have surfaced publicly, this entity and people who ever worked there will play a major role in upcoming revelations.

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  3. The "there's no story here" folks just lost. This hospital was indicted for massive corruption and medical fraud. These scummy pols need to give the $ back.