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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Sunday Column: Part II Of Ron Kaye Watch: The Most Biased Local Journalist

We've received a lot of positive emails and other positive input regarding our pieces deconstructing Ron Kaye's rather obvious and glaring biases.  In conclusion there appears to be consensus that the targets of attack by Ron Kaye do not fit any logical pattern that could be explained without bias.  Kaye's attacks are not based on ideology or behavior or even a rational parsing of words, as we showed pretty plainly in our recent story.

Now, courtesy of several of our dear readers, comes what we think is another clear pattern by Ron Kaye.  After he puts out one of his questionable columns, he immediately follows ups with "Golly Gee Shucks" old-man schtick.  In other words, Kaye attempts to mask his nastiness by transforming himself from a biased and compromised attack dog into Will Rogers.  It doesn't work.

Examine the recent pattern.  Kaye authored a widely panned tome, full of half truths and exaggeration, that was the subject of our linked post above.  It was so bad, that he criticized his target for saying the exact words that he himself said.  Then, the column was (surprise surprise) used in a (word for word) real political hit piece, by an organization that has some questionable ties with other local politicians.  But more on that later.

The situation of "an obvious hit piece turning into a real hit piece" got slapped down, albeit rather hamhandedly, by Kaye's editor, Dan Evans.  Kaye's column then went silent for a week.

Then what does Kaye come back with?  Oh nothing: just a column about veterans and then one about the dognabbit dadburnit "good-ol' days" in baseball. 

You know, for a self-styled hard-hitting columnist and journalist, this left folks wondering if Apple Pie and Motherhood were too busy to be interviewed.  

All of this has the effect of Kaye coming across, yet again, appearing to be a compromised politician more than a self-respecting political columnist, since his obvious wrapping himself in the flag after a boo-boo is something we wouldn't tolerate of even the most cynical of disgusting politicians. 

Oh, never mind, that's right: Kaye is a politician, and a bitter, failed one.  He ran for office and failed.  He's publicly considered running for office again.

Kaye also takes the odd step of endorsing candidates personally.  (How many "journalists" do THAT?)  Kaye's recent polemics against local Assemblymember Mike Gatto seem oddly consistent for a guy who, after all, has a history of publicly endorsing Gatto's opponents.  

And according to your comments on our last story, Kaye might very well allegedly have other reasons for his biases too. 

[And as several have pointed out to us before, Kaye's biases do matter, even as an opinion columnist, when (A) his "opinions" are based on totally and completely false "facts"  and (B) because the Los Angeles Times family of local papers inexplicably fails to disclose even Kaye's obvious proclivities, like when he endorses against a candidate and then trash talks him or her].

There is a clear pattern here: a biased column, who pushes the envelope or downright surpasses the standards of credible journalism, or even credible opinion columns. 

Then Kaye will submit 2-4 columns of min-numbing drivel, in an attempt to look like a folksy nice guy to the elderly readers.  Yet guess what?  Kaye's not fooling anyone. 


  1. The word is "mind-numbing" by the way.

    But I agree. Kaye is so full of shit, he must find it hard to walk.

  2. Ron Kaye is just...gross. He lost me when he put out those columns praising Zareh Sinanyan. In a world where some people dress up as a dead black kid (Trayvon Martin) for Halloween, and think it's funny, the last thing we need is the newspaper in GLENDALE (former home of the HQ for the US Nazi Party) employing a guy like Ron Kaye, who writes not one but two columns praising Sinanyan, who said stuff that would make Adolf Hitler blush. "Mostly targeted at Armenia's geopolitical enemies." Oh, OK. That makes racism and aggressive nationalism OK? There is certainly something to selling papers by controversy, but the entire staff at the Glendale News Press and Burbank Leader is smoking some epic ganja if they think they will have a future in journalism since they appear to be part of a homophobic and racist tolerant regime with biased jerks like Kaye mysteriously on the payroll.

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  4. ok this theory sounds contorted I know but bear with me: it is this commenter's opinion that this blog is run by Dan Evans and his wife. it came to me when reading this piece:,0,7126805.story

    This is exactly your style!!! the "dear reader" stuff, the other stuff you say, the knowledge of blog comments, on and on.

    wouldn't that be a pisser if this is where a newspaper writer shops ideas before writing about them and wouldn't it be a pisser if this opinion is true: especially the criticizing Kaye part. not that he doesn't deserve it. fire him already!